Travel Notes

Credit and Debit card transactions are monitored for suspicious activity.  Cards may be blocked by the processor if travel information is not available and the fraud analyst cannot contact you regarding suspicious transactions.

Benton County Schools CU requests the following travel information when you are using your BCSCU Visa credit or debit card outside your normal purchase area:

  • BCSCU Card Numbers you are taking with you.
  • Dates you are traveling.
  • Where you are traveling (please include State and/or Country).
  • Cell phone # or email address where you can be reached DURING your trip.
  • Provide an authorized contact and reason this is necessary if you cannot be reached by cell phone or email during your trip.
  • If there is more than one cardholder with the same card number please let the credit union know who is traveling.  The processor will proceed on the belief that all cardholders are traveling unless informed otherwise.


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